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As true engineers, we specialise in… engines! From full rebuilds to fine tuning, we have experience of a wide range of vintage engines.


There is no reason why pre-war cars shouldn’t be utterly reliable and, with the right adjustments, some can also be astonishing in their acceleration and performance. What they all need is the attention of engineers who know how they ought to work and have the knowledge to make it happen – that’s us!


We have experience of a wide range of vintage engines. Tell us what you want to get out of your car and we will work with you to achieve it so that you can experience uninterrupted enjoyment of your car.

Paul is a trained and experienced mechanical engineer with a true passion for seeing pre-war cars restored and used as they were intended.

 "I love engines. I also love pre-war cars. These are the two reasons I started the business on VSCC Prescott weekend 2007. It wasn’t a leap into the unknown; I had grown up around vintage cars and had a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I started out as a Development Engineer with a fuel injection manufacturer where I spent my days working with engines built entirely from crystal so that the airflow and flame fronts could be monitored and modeled."

What started as a small venture in a friend’s garage has grown into a professional workshop with its own machine shop, engine build room and gas-flowing equipment - meaning we can take in a car and return it to the owner having done virtually all work in-house: dismantling, inspection, machining, white metalling, assembling and running-in. We take a thorough and professional approach to our work. Photographic records and build sheets are kept for every job and you as a customer are kept informed throughout the duration of the work.

See our work

You can view a selection of the projects we've worked on in our Portfolio on this website. By far the best way to understand quite what is involved in re-machining and rebuilding an engine is to visit us. Call us to arrange an appointment on 07855 769522.