My First Post

For my first blog posting I thought I’d plunge straight in with some pictures of what’s been happening lately. A simple (!) one to start with- white metalling and machining conrods.

On the left is an un-machined rod (which we’d metalled in house) whilst the other two have been machined on our con-rod borer.

A closer view of the surface finish.

Here’s a crafty trick: get a piece of ground steel bar that’s the same diameter as the gudgeon pins. It should pass through all four con-rods, assuming it’s long enough which mine isn’t! This shows three things: (1) That all rods are perpendicular to the crank, (2) None of the rods are twisted, (3) the centre distance between small and big ends is the same for all the rods.

I’ll keep making regular posts with what we’re up to so please check back every couple of days. If there’s anything that you’d like to see done then please email me: See you soon!


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