Three’s a Crowd

Sometimes we get to work on some really cracking engines. This is the first time we’ve got to work on three the same! Before you ask, they’re Salmson (S4C) from 1932-34. 1500cc, twin overhead cam and generally lovely. On the far left is a seized engine, in the middle is the two halves of a crankcase and on the right is the engine we’ve just rebuilt.

Ah, the classic vintage “works” picture with two chaps holding a sheet behind….

Here’s what’s up top; twin overhead cam acting directly on bucket followers. The valves are only about 3″ long overall and yield a nice hemispherical chamber. As far as I can work out making this sort of engine all got a bit too costly and so was sidelined for about 30 years until it was picked up again in the early 60s.

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